Emotional Whytecliff Park Proposal - Vancouver, BC - Renan & Czarina

When Renan told me that he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Czarina, I was ecstatic!  Renan's idea was to invite both his and her family to witness the proposal, because it wasn't just the union between them but a union between two families. How special is that?!  We chose the gorgeous Whytecliff Park to document this beautiful moment.

The most nerve racking part about this shoot was ensuring that both families were there without Czarina knowing.  So, I had Renan and Czarina face the water and gave the families a signal to make their way down to the beach.  When everyone was in position, I told Renan and Czarina to face me, and the rest was history.  The pictures perfectly tell the story of how the day panned out!

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Oliver Rabanes