Surprise Proposal at Brockton Point Lighthouse Stanley Park - Vancouver, BC - Harjot & Tanveer


When I received an email from Harjot about his idea to propose to his girlfriend, I was super excited! Harjot had it all planned out – he told me that Tanveer thought it was a couple session, but in reality, he planned to go down on one knee and ask her to marry him. How cute is that? With all the setup decided, the only thing that was still in the air was the ring. The ring was still in the U.S., and wouldn’t get to Harjot in time for his planned date. I told him that I was flexible with dates, and told him to give me a shout when the ring arrived. Before we knew it, It was go time! The ring arrived. We set a date and location, and the only thing left was to do the actual shoot!

When I met Harjot and Tanveer for the first time as a couple, I knew they were special. They both knew each other during kindergarten, but lost touch for a few years. It was with the help of social media that they were able to reconnect! It was when Harjot messaged Tanveer that their love story unfolded. Now if that isn’t enough for you to swoon over, then here’s how the proposal went down.

To begin, Harjot chose a beautiful spot along Stanley Park’s seawall that overlooked Coal Harbour, and planned to end at Brockton Point Lighthouse. But before the shoot began, Harjot handed the ring over to me as he didn’t want the box to show through his pocket. I nervously agreed, and held onto it like it was my own baby. When we were in front of the lighthouse, I gave Harjot the ring when Tanveer wasn’t looking. I positioned them to stand back to back, and gave the signal for them to face one another. It was at this point where Harjot and I planned that he would be on one knee. But wait… when I gave them the cue to face each other, Harjot froze! He stood still for ten seconds before he could say something, and when he did, Tanveer was stunned. They were so high off of what had just happened that it created the most joyful and carefree environment. They couldn't stop smiling and were just deeply in awe of each other.

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Oliver Rabanes